Production Team


The Production Team: Dale Farmer, Eitan Abramowitz, Paul Hallcuh, Jerry Sebastien & Susan Pepper

Dale Famer PhotoDale Farmer (Writer and Director) was born and raised in Butler County, Ohio and as a young adult moved to Nashville, TN to pursue a music career. After a few years of performing in Nashville, Dale moved back to Ohio and followed his second passion as an Emergency Response Coordinator for The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. When not responding to hazardous chemical spills, Dale produced videos for the US EPA, Michigan Department of Health and other government and nonprofit entities. Dale is also a skilled multi-instrumentalist who plays in several bands in the Greater Cincinnati Area and has engineered and produced several music albums. Dale’s passion is storytelling, so corporate scripts eventually gave way to screenplays. Dale grew up absorbing the stories and mountain music traditions of his grandparents, all of whom were Appalachian musicians and ballad singers. Heeding the advice to “write what you know,” Dale has created the story and film, The Mountain Minor, based on his family’s own experiences of migrating from the Appalachian mountains. Recently retired from his position as Emergency Response Coordinator, Dale now works full time on film making and running alt452 Productions, a film company dedicated to bringing Appalachian stories to life.

Paul Halluch photo

Paul Halluch (Director of Photography) developed a keen eye for leadership as he bounced between Boston, Mass. and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After settling down in South Florida, Halluch studied Motion Picture and Broadcasting at G-Star School of the Arts in West Palm Beach, Fla., where his passion grew from a mere hobby to the beginning of his career. Upon graduation, Paul traveled to over 30 countries as a videographer for international organizations such as One Hope Ministries and Samaritan’s Purse, in conjunction to creating Wonderland Woods Productions with Jerry and Eitan.



Jerry Sebastian (Sound) was raised in Miami, Fla., before studying film at G-Star School of the Arts in West Palm Beach. Upon graduation, Jerry moved to Key Largo, Fla., where he began to pursue marine biology. However, Jerry fell in love with capturing the species on film, reminding him of his true passion. Jerry soon joined Eitan and Paul up in Boone, N.C., rekindling his infatuation with storytelling.




eitanEitan Abramowitz (Editor) chose the road less traveled and studied motion picture and filmmaking at G-Star School of the Arts, where he met Paul Halluch and Jerry Sebastian. After graduating G-star in 2009, Eitan moved to New York and interned for Worldview Entertainment as an executive assistant. Later, he moved back to West Palm Beach, Fla., to join Taral Productions as a videographer and assistant editor. It wasn’t until the summer of 2012 that Eitan moved with Paul and Jerry to Boone, N.C., to pursue their dream of creating Wonderland Woods Productions.


Susan Pepper (Producer) is a musician, performer and educator who has dedicated the past fifteen years to sharing heartfelt songs old and new and building community through song. Her repertoire and performances are informed by her research with older mountain musicians and community members in Western North Carolina. She has produced several CDs including On the Threshold of a Dream featuring her field recordings of traditional singers Pearl Hicks, Rosa Hicks, Zora Walker and Hazel Rhymer as well as Alleghany Jammin’, a promotional CD for the Junior Appalachian Musicians Program in Sparta, NC which she directed for two years. Susan has a Master’s Degree in Appalachian Studies from Appalachian State University and wrote a thesis on NC ballad singers A Whistling Girl and a Crowing Hen Always Come to Some Bad End. Her solo debut Hollerin Girl (2015) features traditional ballads and folks songs and originals. Susan has led workshops at camps, school and cultural centers regionally and nationally and recently performed at The Library of Congress; she has also taught Appalachian Studies at the college level.


Scott Young (Post Production Consultant) is a filmmaker who currently lives in southern Arizona. A graduate of Cal State Northridge in California, he worked for 16-years in the Film/TV industry for companies like Universal Productions, Columbia Pictures, Hemdale Films, ITC Entertainment Group and Lorimar Television. Scott was a founding Board member of Jukebox International Film Festival, the first festival to screen The Mountain Minor. When Dale needed to hire a new film editor early in 2019, Scott put in his bid. Since that time, not only has he completed editing the film, he has supervised many other areas of the post production process, including finding people to correct some of the drone photography, to do color corrections on key scenes and to mix and master the final soundtrack. He also authored the Blu-Ray and DVD disks, working with Mary Beth Brackmann on the packaging designs, and is now preparing to produce the music soundtrack with sound engineer Keyth Neso.


Alyssa Meoak (Outreach Coordinator) is a senior at Miami University and will graduate with a degree in Community Arts and Art Management in May of 2020. She has worked in marketing through internship opportunities at both the Fitton Center for Creative Arts and the Oxford Community Arts Center. She has also used her art management skills to create her own business called Magical Moments which provides live entertainment for children’s parties and events. 

mt crewFilmed on location at Willet Ponds Farm  in Todd, North Carolina