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  1. As someone who lived the experience of mountain music then becoming a migrant longing for home, I look forward to seeing this film.
    Mike Maloney, Cincinnati

  2. I was born in PA in 1951. My father, born 1928, grew up in Pigeon Roost NC, north of Spruce Pine. NC .and settled in PA. I love Ole Time Music and my genes produced a flatfoot dancer. I understand the culture, and still have Aunts and cousins in NC. I appreciate the attention being given to documenting their stories. As a continual visitor to my ancestral home, I never saw a “white” painted house. But then maybe the hills of NC are different than the hills of Kentucky, I look forward to the authenticity of the film. Thank you. Kim Hughes Forry

  3. Thank you for your interest Kim. I love hearing others’ stories of their Appalachian and music connections. We’re going to talk more about the house we chose in our “behind the scenes” videos that will come out with the movie. The Willet Ponds Pioneer House we’re using is over 100 years old and has been restored to its original condition; no plumbing or electric… and white paint… We searched for months to find an authentic location to shoot the film and this place has tuned out to be perfect. It’s similar to the house my grandfather grew up in down in Jackson County Kentucky. We’re shooting in Todd, about 50 miles NE of Spruce Pine.

  4. My father had a sister whose family lived in Altro Ky. We visited them while I was in my teens. My Aunt cooked on an old iron cook stove and had a warm morning to heat the house and no indoor plumbing. We listened to the radio and put beans in sacks to lay in the sun to dry. My uncle farmed a garden next to the railroad tracks which was about 50 feet from the house he built. I helped collect the eggs and learned how to cut up a whole chicken. I learned how to make the best gravy that would put Hardees to shame. Looking back these were some of my favorite memories. I look forward to seeing the film when it is ready.

  5. Thanks Joan! This is the way of life that my grandparents told me of so many times. The number of us that learned first hand or had these stories passed down to us is dwindling. That’s why we’ve made this film; to preserve for generations to come the beautiful heritage and traditions of our parents and grandparents.

  6. This is basically my 85 year old Dad’s story. I would love to watch this with him. Where can we get the movie?

  7. Loved the movie, Dale. The music is incredible but the story is so heartwarming and real. The emotions and feelings apply far beyond eastern Kentucky. We are at a point where we need to make the same decision–do we move back home or stay in the community where we have lived for 43 years. Same emotions, same thinking, same challenges. Thank you for asking Gary to be in your movie.

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