The Mountain Minor Motion Picture Soundtrack


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This CD contains all of the tunes, songs, score and five bonus tracks from The Mountain Minor film!

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Dale Farmer

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2 thoughts on “The Mountain Minor Motion Picture Soundtrack

  1. Greetings – I enjoyed seeing the movie on PBS last December 2020, and have decided to get the DVD and CD.
    I also enjoy playing old-time music on banjo and fiddle and is the reason for buying the audio CD as well.
    Does the audio CD notes contain the musical key AND string tuning for each of tunes on the CD to help benefit those of us learning and playing old-time music. Many of the old mountain tunes are in unique string tunings and can be difficult to learn a tune without that information. If not listed in the audio CD booklet, can the musical key and string tunings be obtained and posted or Emailed to me. Appreciate a reply.
    I live in the Dayton, Ohio area, feel free to contact me. Thanks. Alan Carney (937) 879-0912.

    1. Hi Alan, So glad you liked the film and the music! I don’t have a listing of the keys and tunings for the tunes on the CD, however you’re not the first person to ask. I’ll need to contact Dan and Trevor and ask them for the information. Most of the music in the movie is in standard tuning but several of Dan’s and Trevor’s tracks have non-standard tunings. I’ll work on that and get back to you by email. If you’re in Dayton you’re not too far away from a few of us. I hope our paths cross soon. Thanks

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